Creating a workplace that people love and are loyal to can be a challenge in today’s job market, with companies competing over the same pool of employees. Today’s culture of on-demand video, record subscriber numbers for Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ coupled with the increasing size of mobile devices and smart TVs not only shows that people know what content they want and the fact that they want it right now.

This translates directly to your workplace if you capitalize on each opportunity.

Corporate events are a great way to celebrate individual and company achievements while simultaneously improving good will towards the company. By building good will, you are more likely to retain employees that are valuable to your mission as well as increase the stream of high-quality referrals from all employees. If someone says they love working somewhere, there are enough unhappy people in the world, that they will want to come work where they have friends and their friends enjoy what they do.

Employee recognition events will help people improve morale by showing that the company sees the contribution of their people and values their hard work.

Having the event is only half of the solution; the other half is to consistently remind your employees of that recognition, showing others that they can be recognized if they care and are loyal to your mission and your company. That can best be achieved by instant gratification and reminders of great corporate recognition events.

This is where we can help.  We can setup our professional portrait station at your event to take pictures of all your guests.  When you have that picture of you and your significant other, dressed to the 9s, why not come home with it ready to frame and show off? Wouldn’t that moment you received a quarter or annual award look awesome in your office, on your desk, or even in your living room? When you want to continue feeling great about the choices you made, including where you work, you should have a tangible and visible reminder of that night and event.

If you do a corporate event, make sure people remember WHY it was a great night, not just that it happened; help them remember by giving them that instant gratification of a printed picture to help remind them before the event even ends.

Pictures are an important part of couples and family life, but rarely the couples are in a photograph together that didn’t originate on their phone. There are not always opportunities for couples to get dressed up and have a great night out together.  They will always remember the event where they had that great printed picture that they now have framed and be thankful to your company for gifting it to them.  Call us today to discuss options for your next event!

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