Professional Photographers vs. Amateurs

Thanks to their presence in phones, cameras are now one of the most common gadgets in the world. Almost everyone with a phone has a camera, and with constant innovation in smartphone technology, over half these cameras can produce high-quality images.

So with such an abundance of good quality images, why are people still paying professional photographers to cover events? Even in the smallest of events, there are at least hundreds of photos taken by the people present there. Why are professional photos still needed?

The answer is simple: A decent camera does not make someone a decent photographer. A professional photo still stands miles ahead of amateur photos. This not denying the amateurs cannot take great photos, but covering an event entails more than taking a few good photos.

Following are some of the differences between professional and amateur photographers:

What to Shoot?

Even if you can replicate the skill of taking a photo, a professional photographer understands more than that. They don’t just know “how to shoot”, they understand what to shoot. Most amateur shots of an event are the ones they are personally connected to. Pros cover the whole event.

Professional photographers understand which photos are crucial to take. Amateurs usually get stuck with requests and fail to shoot what’s important. This might work out in a family event, but in corporate events, such errors cannot be ignored.


This is perhaps the key difference. Professional photographers understand the responsibility the job entails. They won’t show up to cover a relaxed corporate retreat in their best suit, or wear jeans and a tank top to shoot a conference.

It’s not just about the choice of the wardrobe; professionals know how to blend in. A photographer who stands out is not doing it right. Professional photographers are remembered as moving cameras. They are unobtrusive, polite and organized.

Professional photographers will correspond with the event managers beforehand. Whether it’s a family or corporate event. They will understand the job, quote you accordingly, and will be ready for the event with relevant equipment and preparations.

Amateur photographers, even when they are charging money for a gig, usually over or underquote. This creates misunderstandings and sour moods when they actually shoot. Lack of preparation is also often seen in amateurs, running out of batteries, not having the right light etc.


Equipment matters. This is with the understanding that the list of photography equipment does not solely comprise of a great camera. While having a professional camera matters a lot, the presence of other necessary equipment can be the difference between a professional and an amateur.

Tripods, studio lights, a range of lenses and cleaning kits are such items. When professional photographers prepare and quote for an event, they keep all of these elements in mind. Many professional studios like Grins 2 Go, who offer on site printing of photos, have to have costly printers as well.


A discouragement of amateur photography is not what you should take from this article. These are just a few differences that people, who want to hire a photographer for a family, communal or corporate event should know.

Hiring the right photographer can mean the difference between photos you cherish for life and photos that are just taking up space on your computer.

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