Photographing a Night-time Event with Grins 2 Go

Light is crucial for photography. The better you are at understanding and incorporating the light in your photos, the better they will turn out. The case is the same with nighttime photography, though without any natural daylight.

That being said, nighttime photography can make for some great shots. Here are some tips you can follow for photographing a nighttime event.

Befriend the Flash

Being skilled at using your camera flash is imperative for nighttime photography. The main reason is that if you want to shoot with natural light at nighttime, your choices would be limited. You will have to find the right angle, the right timing and pose to shoot a photo with the right light.

Using your flash the right way can give you many more options when photographing a nighttime event.

Natural Light

At night, the natural light may include moonlight, streetlight and even bulbs. Basically every available light apart from flash and professional lights is considered natural nighttime light. Using these would be your best shot to take natural and beautiful photographs. For events, lighting is usually pre-arranged and you can easily incorporate it into your photography.

Manual Focus

Autofocus is a great tool. It has a hard time focusing in low light though. For nighttime photography, manually adjusting the focus is better. It might take more time, but when you get the hang of it, taking amazing photos in poor lighting conditions will become easy.

Use Low ISO

ISO in digital photography is simply the camera’s sensitivity to light. A high ISO setting means that your lens will be more sensitive to light, which might seem like a good thing, but it’s not. Especially, when it comes to nighttime photography.

A high ISO setting leads to an image with more noise. A noisy image, just like a noisy sound is distorted and it subdues the natural light and focus of the image. For nighttime photography, make sure the ISO of your camera is as low as possible.

Understand the Pattern

In events where there is dancing or some similar activity, understanding the pattern is important. For dance, making a good video is very easy, but photographing it is hard. A dance photo taken at the wrong moment will simply look ridiculous.

But a perfectly timed dance photo can look like frozen movement. It can capture the energy, ecstasy and joy on the face of the dancing people.

Know What to Shoot

This is event photography 101. Whether you are covering a family event, a corporate event or a community gala, capturing the important moments is compulsory. Finding the perfect artistic shot won’t do much good if it means that you missed photographing the core event.


Shooting an event at night is very different from shooting one in the day. Just like indoor photography is different from outdoor photography. It takes time to develop the photography skills needed to cover events at night and in daylight with equal ease.

But with time and patience, you can develop this skill. In the meantime, if there is an important event coming up, it’s best to go with professionals like the ones at Grins 2 Go.

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