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Midwestern Pharmacy college yearbook and graduation photographer grins 2 go az (5)
Midwestern Pharmacy college yearbook and graduation photographer grins 2 go az (4)

As we rapidly approach graduation season, the scope of the achievement should also mark the beginning of a professional path that is primed for success. As with any new beginning, it creates a chance to project a first impression on a new field of people.

Often times, that first impression starts with your online profile, including your picture. Some experts even suggest that your first impression online stays with your prospective employer even after meeting you in person.

Articles are plentiful talking about the best way to take profile pictures and where to include them; the common thread is that you should always use a professional and do not use a selfie. One such article even takes it to the next level and says rather pointedly to ask for help or hire a professional.  

With a graduation upcoming, you could splurge and get a professional shoot done or, if your institution is truly invested in your future success, they would hopefully hire a professional to capture this milestone. Some institutions go even further and provide a professional, like Grins2Go, that will also do professional portraits without the cap and gown providing you with a professional headshot that you can use as your profile picture.

If your institution is looking for a photographer with years and years of experience, contact Grins2Go and book a date (or dates) that work best with your impending graduation.

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