Getting Ready for Daddy-Daughter Dances

Few things transcend family bonds as much as that between a father and his daughter(s) and that bond gets traditionally celebrated in late winter and early spring through Daddy-Daughter dances. These dances provide a time for the father and daughter to share an experience of preparing for a formal (or semi-formal) event together, planning the evening, and getting to have a memory that is uniquely theirs. At the event itself, it allows dads to meet and/or catch up with one another while they let their daughters play in an environment that is generally safe and free of the one four-letter word they have little control over: boys.

Remembering Daddy-Daughter dances is a huge part of the tradition, providing a memento for the unique event. Choosing the right photographer can be just as important as choosing the right outfit and shoes.

Grins 2 Go have been proud providers of onsite picture printing for years, providing you not just with a memento, but one that is ready to take home with you before the night even ends. While we work with you in the way of poses and photo backdrops, we wanted to also offer tips to help make your picture and night more memorable for the right reasons.

Warm Colors Make for Warm Pictures

Know that if your daughter is selecting a light blue or light green dress, you will want to color coordinate with a pale blue or pastel green shirt to avoid a misbalance of lighting. A dark red shirt coupled with a light blue shirt can create unreal color production in the picture; one of you will look great while the other could look flushed or pale.

Think About Picture Placement

A great bonding activity tied to the Daddy-Daughter dance could also involve choosing where else you want to place reminders of your night. In her room, it could be a good 5x7 on her wall; on your desk, it could be a 4x6; for the grandparents, it could be an 8x10 and a few wallets. Pre-shop for your frames and have it planned out and, after your pictures are taken, you know what pictures you will need and you can make sure you bring back exactly what you need (and maybe a few extras).

Be Prepared

It’s not the worse idea to have a cinch sack with extra shoes for you and your daughter. Given the venue, you may be walking further to get to the dance than is comfortable in dress shoes or, worse yet, if it is raining (or snowing) and you don’t want your daughter’s dress shoes to get wet or ruined. Carrying in black loafers, slip on Skechers, or even sneakers for you and having some comfortable flats or slippers for your daughter can keep people from getting cranky and over-tired.

Love Your Pictures

You want to always have something to remember this Daddy-Daughter dance, whether it is the latest in a series you have taken your little girl to, or if it is the first or last one you get to take her to. Let Grins 2 Go be the company that helps make this memory last. Talk to your organizer and contact us to schedule our services for your dance or any other event you have coming up.

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