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Sports photography is a very energetic activity. In sports like football and basketball, you have to run around, following the ball and the players so you can take some good shots. But some sports look too easy to shoot, as the calm and slow-paced sport of golf.

How hard can it be to shoot golf? Every activity in golf is calm and follows a procedure. No sudden moves jump and leaps there. It seems very easy to take some great photographs of a game of golf. The beautiful golf courses make golf photography even better.

But is it really that easy? The answer is a bit complicated. If you compare it to other high-speed sports, it needs less energy. But on the other hand, golf photography requires patience, attention, and endurance. Unlike action-packed sports, golf requires you to patiently wait, be as unobtrusive as possible and then snap a picture at just the right moment.

Here are some tips for amazing golf photography.

Focus on the Eyes and Fill the Frame

According to the legendary golf photographer, David Cannon, this is the first rule he was taught and which he followed for his entire career. It may just seem like general photography advice, but focusing on the eyes is a certain way to take a golf photograph with an impact.

Simultaneously, filling the frame is especially important in a sport like golf. With beautiful golf courses, the wide open area, and calm surroundings, taking a picture that doesn’t need cropping is easy. And it makes for a very beautiful photo.

Never Distract a Player

This is less of a tip and more of a rule. A golf photographer should take special care when shooting a player. Golf needs a lot of focus. In other sports, you have your team for moral support and the momentum and energy of the game keeping you in focus.

Golf, however, is a solitary and quiet game. The players are on their own, they have to make the shot with hundreds of people watching them. The pressure can be incredible. In such a tenuous moment, it’s a photographer’s duty to do their job as quietly as possible.

Light and Angle

As with all the other forms of photography, lighting is imperative in golf photography. The best light for golf photography is considered the first hour and half of the day and the last hour and a half.

The angle is very important, depending upon how much you are taking in the frame. You cannot be in the line of sight of the player, but with the right angle, you can take in the player with the right amount of background.


Like everything else in life, timing is the most important part of golf photography. One simple fix to that is to let the camera take automatic multiple shots. You can usually get a few good pictures out of them. A better practice is to snap just a few pictures at the perfect time. It is harder, takes more time and patience, but one perfect picture is better than a hundred mediocre ones.


With patience, skills and the right equipment, becoming a good golf photographer is possible. For the perfect coverage of any event, sport-related or not, it’s best to go with pros like the ones at Grins 2 Go.

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