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Even though it happens every year, you just can’t seem to get used to sitting for your yearbook photo. Some people are excited, some just want to get it over with and some are scared out of their minds. Whichever group you belong to, seeing the photos later usually makes you think that it could have been better.

But then another year comes, you forget all about it and get another picture that you might regret. The simplest solution to this is to be prepared for the yearbook photo. You don’t have to go through a whole makeover or make some elaborate changes. With some small preparations; you too can have a great yearbook photo.

How to Get a Great Yearbook Photo Taken?

Here are some tips you can go through to have a great yearbook photo. Or at least one that doesn’t make you cringe every time you look at it.

Prepare Beforehand

You know when the yearbook photo will be taken. It’s not a spontaneous group photo you could not prepare for which turned out horrible. You have to decide what to wear, if you need a haircut or hairdo, and what kind of makeup, if any, you will wear.

These are a few things you can prepare beforehand that can lead to a good yearbook photo. Also, make sure you had a good night’s sleep so you don’t appear tired in your photo.

Plan Your Outfit

Deciding what to wear is an important part. You might think you look great in an outfit but it may not be the best choice for the photo. The color you choose should complement your complexion and looks. A nice compromise between formal and informal would be the right choice.

Yearbook photos with corporate style clothing stand out the wrong way. On the other hand, looking too casual is also not advisable. Choose an outfit that is simple and elegant. Same goes for the accessories.

Posture and Facial Expression

Yearbook photography is usually hectic and the photographers may not have too much time for every individual.

Practice your best posture and expression in front of a mirror first and decide what looks best. You don’t have to sit perfectly straight. Sitting at an angle usually makes for a better photo. Practice and watch yourself in the mirror and decide on your best pose and expression. 

Finally, the Photo

No matter how much you practice, sitting in front of the camera always feels different. Make sure you check yourself and make some last-minute adjustments before going in for the photo. Check if your hair is right, your clothes are fitting well and that you don’t have anything on your face.

Take a few breaths and let your body and face relax. Sit in front of the camera in the pose you practiced and listen to the photographer’s directions. They will be adjusting you for the light and background. Once you are sitting the right way, assume the right expression and SNAP! It’s over.

You can check with the photographer and see if the picture came out the way you wanted. We at Grins 2 Go will make sure you have a yearbook photo that puts a satisfied smile on your face whenever you see it.

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