Family Portraits

Life is a beautiful thing, happening all around us. Always moving, always flowing. But there are moments in life that live forever. They are burned in our memories, written in our diaries or preserved in photographs.

Photographs are a great way of capturing precious moments of our lives so we can see and re-live them, over and over again. Many of our family photographs are usually of candid moments. Taken just at the right moment, they let us preserve the happiest memories.

 Some photographs, like the ones taken for portraits, are taken with preparation. But that doesn’t mean they are any less important. Family portraits are usually the ones we hang on the walls of our homes. They are the family pictures that are most looked at and serve as a representation of your family to other people who visit your home.

Every kind of family portrait reveals something. Stand-alone portraits of family members (past and present) show that the family cares about each other and every member is important and deserves its own place on the wall. Portraits of deceased family members show that even if they are gone, they are still remembered and loved.

Group portraits are of many types. Some families have a tradition of getting a family photo taken every Christmas or every new year. You can see the family dressed accordingly, willingly or unwillingly standing for the picture.

A portrait of a family standing together where one of the kids has pimples or dad forgot to brush his hair is still a happy recollection. Even if this family portrait will hang till next year before being replaced (hopefully) by a better one.

Family portraits also document growth. In many homes, you can see the whole story of a child in the family by simply looking at the family portraits. They’re the first one when they were being held by mom or dad. A portrait for the first day of school or when they caught their first fish. Moments of graduation, first job, marriage and then their own kid, all these can be seen through family portraits.

Displaying happy family memories is not all that family portraits are good for. It is studied and seen that family portraits also have a great impact on the self-esteem of children. When children see themselves in family portraits, they feel included, surrounded by people who love and care for them.

They understand that they have a place, with people they love. It creates a positive psychological impact.

Family portraits don’t just document and preserve important family moments, but they also let us relive them. Looking at a family portrait will almost always jog your memory and let you remember a happy moment, like when you visited your grandparents and asked about a certain portrait, they regaled the whole story behind it, perhaps with tears in their eyes.

This is the power and importance of family photographs that we, at Grins 2 Go understand. We understand that a family portrait is much more than simply a picture. It’s a moment, filled with feelings and the happiness of being together. A moment that can be preserved for you and your future generations to relive.

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