Tips for Good Halloween Photos

Everybody loves Halloween. It’s a gorgeous time of year with the leaves changing color and the pumpkins adding pops of orange to every curb. Kids love to dress up and go trick or treating. Adults decorate the house with scary props and wear costumes for parties. It’s a fun family occasion- one that people love to remember, especially the outfits. And what better way to capture a moment than with a photo?

These photos can be a lot of fun, both to take and later to look at. Here are some ideas for good Halloween photos:

Focus on Props and Decorations

Props- the items you use for Halloween decorations are an important part of the Halloween spirit, second only to the outfits. People love setting up these Halloween props (skeletons, scary witches, Jack-o’-lanterns and more) in and around the house.

These props are great at representing the Halloween vibe. Have some shots of the props themselves in different lights and angles. Avoid direct flash to capture the scary and mysterious aura of Halloween. Also photograph your family members around the props.

Photograph the Outfits

Outfits are the primary focus of Halloween. People plan and prepare these outfits weeks in advance. Don’t wait till Halloween to photograph them. If you are taking your children to the mall to try on Halloween dresses, photograph them then as well.

On Halloween, don’t wait till nighttime to take amazing photographs of your outfit. Dusk is probably a very good time for Halloween photos. The light lets you capture, not just the image, but the feel Halloween as well. If your outfit is scary-themed, try photographing it at night with less light.

Work on Light and Angles

Every amateur and professional photographer understands the importance of light. This is especially true for occasions like Halloween where clarity of a picture is less important than its overall feel. With the right lighting and angle, you can even make an old wedding dress appear scary and mysterious.

 Understand the overall lighting effect on the props, outfit, person or a combination of these that you are trying to capture. Go for natural light as much as you can. Halloween is also the time to try out your silhouette photography.

Candid and Natural

Costumes and props everywhere make Halloween quite different from routine. Don’t make your entire photo shoot look even more “put together” by making your subjects especially pose. Go for as many candid shots as you can.

With the right light, scary background and proper timing, you will be able to get shots that truly capture the Halloween spirit. That said, for silhouette photography and group photos, you can photograph your subjects in fun poses. But make sure their expressions look natural and loose, not tight and business-like.

Find the Right Setting

With the neighborhood decorated for Halloween, finding a good enough setting might not be a problem. But some places are just too good to simply pass by. Take shots at such places. With the right decorations, light and pose, you can make anyone look scary, even when they are not in a costume.

Events like these are great for polishing your photography skills. But if you believe that the house is too well decorated and the outfits are so amazing that you probably shouldn’t risk amateur photos, go for pros at Grins 2 Go. Our family-friendly photographers will help you preserve your happy Halloween memories in photos.

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