Santa Picture Tips

Just because the days before Christmas are starting to dwindle into single digits doesn’t mean you should give up on getting great pictures of you, your kids, your whole family with Santa as a great holiday keepsake and take-home gift for visitors (e.g. Grandparents who can never get enough pictures of your kids).

Grins 2 Go is not just able to print pictures on site and help you choose the sizes and packages that fulfill that need, we also pride ourselves on helping you get a fun Santa picture you’ll enjoy for years to come…even the screaming kid picture. 😊 Getting a good picture sometimes starts long before you stand in line anywhere.


Know the Flow

When you arrive to the site for Santa pictures, save your spot in line and then scout the layout of the picture flow. Are there 2 lines? One waiting to take pictures and another waiting to pick up pictures? Make sure you are standing in the right line and you may even end up saving the day for other families not as prepared as you.

This will also give you a great opportunity to scope out where restrooms are located, other items of interest that will help you distract antsy little ones, or to provide them with an incentive: “If you do a great job taking your picture with Santa, maybe we can get some hot chocolate. Or a Lego set. Or ice cream.


Be Prepared to Wait

Waiting in a long line doesn’t have to be the make-or-break in getting Santa pictures if you are prepared for the wait. Pack snacks in small plastic bags (like Cheerios, Apple Jacks, fruit snacks, granola bars) that will keep little ones occupied. For slightly older children, consider bringing connected devices (tablets, phones) with headphones or earbuds that will help them immerse themselves into the latest episode of Snoopy in Space on Apple+ or even Moana or Star Wars Resistance on Disney Plus to help keep them distracted from the wait. Make sure your devices are charged up or you have battery packs with you just in case (not a bad gift idea either for a little stocking stuffer).


Prepare Your Kids 

Talk to your kids about who they are meeting and why it’s important (for them) to be good and to talk to Santa, letting them know what they want for Christmas. This will also give you a barometer about who may or may not perform well when they finally meet the big guy.


Do a Gift Headcount

Now that the pictures are done, that is half the battle; now you get to decide which pictures you want in what size(s).

Grins 2 Go has mobile printing capabilities so you can choose if you just want wallets, some 5x7s for aunts and uncles that may be out of state, or if you want an 8x10 to replace that centerpiece on their wall of pictures.

On site printing means you get to take those pictures home with you, printed as you wait, often in less than 3 minutes. We know you’re busy and when you make your choices, we will make sure we give you the best pictures for your family.


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