Postpone, Don’t Cancel

The news is full of stories and social media overrun with posts and announcements from cities, states, and municipalities across the country about how the class of 2020 is finishing their academic year online versus in classrooms, around their friends, fellow seniors and prospective graduates. While events like Daddy-Daughter dances are nice events worthy of our time and attention, graduation marks completion of an academic journey years in the making.

For the seniors and graduates from various classes of 2020, regardless of where you are, there are voices calling for the postponement of events, instead of cancelations. For many, this is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone; some people will opt for job opportunities and career paths that may not require or encourage post-secondary education.

At Grins 2 Go, we believe that all academic milestones are worth celebrating, whether it is the first major milestone or another to add to a list of accomplishments. Milestones are not worth celebrating not just as a reason for everyone to get together; they are unique because they took years of effort, time spent away from friends, family, and fun, and financial and personal sacrifice.
Your graduates deserve the ability to commemorate their achievements through pictures expertly done by our team.

We want to wish the classes of 2020 well and we would be honored to help them celebrate their achievements when the time is right, once we have passed the peak of this health crisis. We will be ready to make sure this special occasion is not a footnote in the story of your year; we will help make it the top event for your memories showcasing your perseverance and make the pandemic the footnote.


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