5 Reasons to Go for a Professional Portrait

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is an old English adage which seems outdated to some people because we are exposed to so many pictures and videos on a daily basis, that we no longer “feel” them. We simply see them.

But once in a while, we do come across pictures that tell whole stories in a glance, pictures that really are worth a thousand words. Portraits are usually those kinds of pictures.

In an era where almost everyone has a camera in their pocket, it’s hard to see why people still go for professionally taken portraits. There are a number of reasons that this oldest form of self depiction is still alive.

A True Representation

Even before the camera and photography, portraits were popular. People used to sit for hours so that an artist could draw or paint them in a portrait. These depictions were a somewhat accurate representation of how a person looked.

A professionally taken photograph, however, is the best way to capture your true image but in the most flattering way. And not just for yourself. Portraits of family members help us remember them. Having their portraits around keeps them fresh in our memory.

Important Events

Many portraits are made on special events in a person’s life. Portrait photos are taken on the first day of school, on graduations, and weddings. These portraits help us capture and freeze the important moments of our lives.

Even after we retire, our graduation portrait might jog our memory and remind us about the good old days. A well-taken portrait captures the happiness and joy on a face, the moment gets immortalized with all its colorful elements.

Family Events

Portraits are a great source of family reminders. In the family photo albums, one can browse through the family’s candid and casual events. In portraits, the most important family moments are captured.

Maybe the whole family gathered for marriage, or everyone went for a graduation ceremony, the whole family posed and stood still for the portrait. These mementos hanging on a wall are a source of happy memories for the family.

Communal Events

Just like families, communities and groups want their events captured in portraits as well. Walls in schools, colleges, churches, community halls, and many other communal buildings are lined up with portraits of important people who contributed significantly to the community.

These portraits may show a graduating class sitting together for the last time. Or a town celebrating the win of their football team, or college students receiving medals from the governor. All these happy and important times are displayed in the portraits.

Tracking Growth

One of the most beautiful reasons to go for a professional portrait is a family tracking its own growth and new additions. There are many families who have a tradition of getting their portrait photo taken every year.

It shows how each person has grown, any new additions to the family, who is getting bald and fat. Portraits like these are like a beautiful record of family history.

No matter how many pictures you have on your phone, they may never make you feel the same way as the portrait you choose to display on your wall.

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