While a frosty weather forecast makes you want to pour that second cup of coffee and find a relaxing movie on your streaming service, forward thinkers are seeing the potential of a great spring and lush fairways coupled with perfectly manicured greens – of course we mean golf tournaments, both company sponsored and charity centered.

Event coordination can check all the boxes with accommodations, seating, food service, and meeting spaces – having it all memorable could help cement your place in the collective company history of great event planners.

Ask the people who have relationships with your attendees to find out what they like and what they prefer. If someone has started a KETO diet, how awesome will your guests think you are for having a menu with KETO-friendly options?

Take your vegetarian game up to the next step and provide options that are vegan, maximizing the flexibility of your menu offerings.

Having shirts with your company or event logo also provides a sense of community during your event; it creates a mental bookmark of that event and it will show up in the pictures of the event, whether framed on your wall or during the end of the year slide show during your company party.

Grins 2 Go is your go-to event photographer for your golf tournament with years of experience. We can work directly with the course to determine the best tee box for us to setup for team portraits. We have the equipment and ability to setup almost anywhere on the course, including a quiet generator to run our computer and printers. This allows us to take the team picture when the team arrives at the tee, let them tee off while we print their team photos, and hand each golfer a photo before they get back in their carts. We like to say our printing on site is faster than the speed of golf!

No more having guests look through a table of prints to find theirs after the round, only to have many left that didn’t get picked up. And no more mailing or e-mailing each golfer their picture weeks after the tournament. Grins 2 Go handles everything for you instantly, on the course. 4x6 or 5x7 sizes available with tournament or sponsor logos added to each print automatically. This is a great sponsorship to sell, as it is one thing the golfers end up with that they will most likely keep, and display in their office. That sponsor logo will be seen by many more people than just the golfers.

We encourage you to book high demand services, including photographers as early as possible so we can understand your vision for your event, and we can work with you to create a plan to help preserve the memories and moments of your event. Candid photography before and/or after the tournament available as well!

Contact us today to learn how we can help take your golf event to the next level!

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