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A corporate event is any event planned and arranged by a business entity. It can be for its own employees and their families, stakeholders, consumers or potential investors. Corporate events are important for every business’s image. And just as important is how the event is photographed.

Finding the right photographer for a corporate event is very important. You have to look for the right mix of professionalism, experience, skill, and affordability. All these factors should be considered once you choose someone to photograph your corporate event.


Photography is not just an art; it is a profession as well. When you choose a photographer for your family events, you look for affable and friendly ones, even if they are a little rough around the edges. But for a corporate event, you have to look for people who take their work seriously.

Coming to shoot a company meeting or a product launch in a Jeans and a Polo shirt is not a good sign. In a formal event, they will stand out the wrong way. Professional photographers should be unobtrusive. Even when they are doing their job, they should be subtle, courteous and not in anyone’s way.


Try to look for the pros who are experienced, especially in photographing the type of event you are organizing. Experience is necessary because you cannot afford mistakes at a corporate event. Experienced professionals will know how to prepare ahead for your event.

They will have the right equipment, arranged well in time. They will know how to move around the crowd and take pictures without creating too much disturbance. The photography plan will be properly laid out and followed. It will include all the necessary elements like casual snaps, event photography, pictures of speakers and photos of the stage.

Inexperienced photographers might take a plethora of casual snaps but not a single picture of an important speaker. These kinds of mistakes reflect badly on you because there is no do-over with an event. The experience will help a professional photographer to thoroughly cover an event.


Planning and organization are crucial, but you cannot neglect the photography skills of the people you are hiring. The eye for detail, the perfect timing and choosing the right moment to capture, these all contribute to great photos. Make sure you go through their portfolio and previous photos to gauge their skill.


The last thing you look at (and hopefully the least), would be the price. Most photographers have a comprehensive price/rate list for their services. Or you can have a quote sent to you according to your requirements.

Good service, experience and skill won’t come cheap but it also doesn’t mean that you hire someone overpriced. Do your research, look into multiple options and then decide on the best option.


Choosing the right professional might be hard. But just like arranging everything else for an event, this is also very crucial. With the right photographs, an event can look great in local news and a business’s portfolio. At Grins 2 Go, our professional photographers are trained to cover your events with all the necessary skill and experience, and at great prices.

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