How to stay comfortable for portraits

Once upon a time, standing in front of a camera was a rare thing. Now, some people even wake up to selfies. Many camera-shy people are now comfortable with getting their photographs taken. Getting shot for a portrait though, still makes many people nervous.

There are some tips you can use you get over those nerves and get a beautiful portrait photograph taken.

It’s Nothing Unusual

Understand that there is nothing unusual in posing for your portrait. No matter how camera-shy you are, you must have been in some photographs. In family photos, selfies with friends and group photos, you have been in front of the camera. There is nothing weird about being alone in front of the camera.

If you are comfortable with selfies but feeling self-conscious in front of a photographer, don’t! No matter how unusual the experience is for you, for them it’s routine.

Talk to the Photographer

It’s always a good idea to talk to the photographer. You can tell them that you are feeling nervous or shy in front of the camera. Sharing that doesn’t make you seem awkward. All professional photographers understand that many people find it difficult to be the subject of a portrait.

The photographer will most probably help you relax and give you some directions and pointers. Listen to them; they know what they are doing.

Take Your Time

Take your time for the portrait (Unless it’s a work thing or you are on a super tight schedule). People often tend to make mistakes when they are in a hurry. The pressure to get something done quickly will only make the experience worse for you.

Take a few deep breaths; take as long as you need to get comfortable in the pose. Once you feel your face and body relax and the muscles loosen, you are ready for your portrait.

Don’t Try to See Every Picture

Professional photographers usually take multiple shots and then choose the best one. Don’t ask to see every shot. It will make you self conscious and you will subconsciously try to fix the problems in them yourself.

It’s better to listen to photographers. They will ask you to make changes in your posture and expressions. Their directions will make for a better portrait than self-corrections.

Be Yourself

It’s a piece of general advice for a variety of life’s problems. It holds true for your portrait session as well. Remember that the whole point of a portrait is to capture you as you are, not what you are trying to appear as.

Understand that when people see you, they can understand if your body is stiff or if your posture or facial expression is forced and unnatural. The same is true for the camera. If you try to force a smile, it will show in your portrait. Similarly, if you try to stifle a smile and go for a serious pose, that will show too. Be natural, and let the magic happen.

These tips will definitely help you through your portrait session, and having friendly professional photographers like the ones from Grins 2 Go will make it even easier.

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