Importance of Business Portraits

Gone are the days when people remembered businesses only by their products, names and logos. But the advent of the internet and social media has changed that. Now people associate a business with their website, information available about them on the internet, and the people who run it.

And a very important part of the business’s image is a business portrait.

What is a Business Portrait?

A business portrait (Also known as a corporate headshot) is usually a professional portrait of the company’s face: its CEO or owner. In a broader sense, it can be the portrait of the company’s staff, corporate headquarters or business logo. This is something that people identify the business with.

Whether you are a Conglomerate or a small family business, there are a number of reasons to go for a business portrait. 


A business portrait is a significant identifier. One of the most important things in a business is that people can identify you or your products. Just as advertisement makes a product known to people, a business portrait makes a business known to people, with the help of its face.

It is something people will identify you and your business with. This is especially true for businesses like sales agencies, law firms, and talent managers. The face of the individual becomes the face of the business. And what better and professional way to represent that face than with a business portrait?

People Work with People

What most people in business do understand and should understand is that people want to deal with people. No matter how impressive a portfolio is, how good the numbers are and how efficient you are at getting results. What people will remember most about you will be “You”.

Therefore, it is important to portray the right “You” with a business portrait. And not just you, a corporate portfolio or website is usually studded with business portraits of people in your organization. This is a visual representation of your business that you can’t afford to botch.

Image Projection

You may have hired a photographer to take pictures of your company retreat, or there might be some great shots from a corporate dinner, but these cannot be the corporate image you want to project.

Candid photos like these are spontaneous, while a business portrait is the product of planning and preparedness. With a business portrait, everything from your outfit, background, and lighting all the way to your facial expression is planned.

Controlling all these factors allows you to have a business portrait that you can present to the world. A portrait that captures your corporate image shows meticulousness and professionalism, which is something most people look for when they want to do business with you.

When going for a business portrait, you have to be sure you are working with the right people. Professional photographers, like the ones at Grins 2 Go understand what a business portrait entails.

Proper lighting, tools, and background are just details. The right photographer will try to capture your corporate image: A wholesome representation of who you are as a businessperson and a professional.

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