Why Not Include Mom and Your Brother?


Why Stop with Daddy-Daughter Dances?

Daddy-Daughter dances are seen as a training tool for building a tradition that reaches its sentimental peak during the daughter’s wedding. Creating this as the beginning of a tradition is often a wonderful and heartwarming idea, but we should not leave out the other halves of a family.

There is a growing trend of dances evolving from Daddy-Daughter dances to Parent-Child dances to be able to include mothers and sons. This trend creates a trend of inclusiveness, but, but more importantly, opens these events to an expanded base of attendees.

Imagine having an event where all members of the family could dress up and go out for a nice evening at an event that is safe for everyone. An event that includes the whole family would also give an opportunity for the kids to socialize together while the parents get an opportunity to reconnect or solidify their relationship and have conversations that do not have to revolve around just their children.

These events would also normalize the occasion of dressing up to go out to be with friends and family and improve socialization skills for everyone involved. Remembering events like this can often be difficult without leaving someone out of the picture(s) so having an experience event professional, like the team at Grins 2 Go, capture the magic of the evening.

Having on-site printing gives your event some added advantages as well; It allows Mom to choose the pictures she wants in order to either display them at home, send to relatives (#grandparents), or use in scrapbooking or other creative crafts. Having on-site printing also lets you take the pictures home with you, before leaving the event, making for one less item to have to look for in the mail or pick up later.

When planning daddy-daughter dances, consider adding the other members of the family to the special evening, helping to improve attendance (which couldn’t hurt and would help make your event look even better) and expanding your audience.

Have Grins 2 Go capture great portraits of your attendees, making the night even more memorable. Contact us to book your date today!

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