Today’s culture of on-demand video, same day deliveries, and in-game purchases, we live in a time where instant gratification is pervasive and dominant among competitors in any field. When one company offers 2-hour delivery from their website, their brick-and-mortar competitors start to offer 2-hour pickup if you shop on their website. There are great advantages to this model – not everywhere will be within the zone of a distribution center for the online only retailer but the brick-and-mortar store may have a location nearby, and this creates momentum for the traditional retailer against the online vendor.

This model follows into your choice for an event photographer.

While some photographers are clear in their contracts that it may take them weeks (or even months) to deliver pictures from your event, Grins 2 Go stands out because of the investment we make into ensuring you have your pictures before you go home from your event.

Capturing your special moments at events solidifies positive memories for your event. Posed photos help commemorate your place at the event, capturing a time when you and your significant other are together, dressed to impress, and out for a good time. Why would you wait to get prints of these events? Why add another item to an event planner’s checklist of things to do while planning an event (following up with the photographer to get pictures)? It adds a question that your boss could ask you (when do we get those pictures from our Christmas party?) versus a compliment passing in the hallway of how great the posed pictures and prints from that night turned out.

Instant gratification is not just something we all can focus on when we think about the shoes or a new tie for that special event; it also reflects on the posed photography for those events. From 4x6 and wallets, 5x7’s and all the way up to 8x10s for gifts for the grandparents and framing for your office wall, Grins 2 Go will be able to provide onsite printing for your posed pictures at your big event.

Have questions? Contact Grins 2 Go and we can help make you the hero of your next event!

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